Garden Pest Control

All gardeners must deal with pests on some level. The colorful vegetables and flowers and tender plants are just too much temptation for pests to stay away from. Organic pest control is needed to rid the garden of these hungry pests and these natural home remedies will get the job done.


If a small, white cloud appears to be hovering over tomato plants or houseplants, you have a whitefly infestation. Get rid of the white cloud with this simple home remedy:

Cut 2-inch strips of yellow plastic from a recycled container, such as a yellow milk jug or laundry detergent jug. Coat the strips with any type of cooking oil you have on hand. Place these homemade sticky traps on and around the plants infested with whiteflies. Whiteflies find the color yellow irresistible and with flock to the strips and become stuck in the oil. Remove sticky traps as they become full and replace with new ones until all the white flies are gone.


Slugs and Snails

Sap-sucking slugs and snails will suck the life out of garden plants unless they are quickly removed from the garden. This easy home remedy and will save your plants from these sap-suckers.
Place several shallow tuna or cat food cans in garden soil so that the rim is slightly above soil level. Fill each can with beer (use flat beer or buy the cheapest brand for this home remedy) and wait.

Slugs and snails will be attracted to the yeast in the beer and will crawl into the shallow cans for a drink and be unable to get back out.
Earwigs (black bugs with pincers) that invade gardens are also attracted to the yeast and will drown themselves while quenching their thirst.
Place beer-filled, shallow cans on patio or porch to get rid of slugs and snails that are infesting container plants.