Caught up in the Vapors 

Put Down the Cigarette and Pick Up the Vapor!

Woman smoking e-cigarettes

“That will be $6.95 please”. “What?” She thought as she handed over yet another piece of her bank account for a pack of cigarettes. Something’s got to give. She knew she couldn’t continue to spend this kind of money on cigarettes, especially when she was going through a pack a day. Time to do a little research.

It didn’t take her long to find out about the new rage – Vapors. Not only did she realize that the cost of the electronic cigarettes and vapors were much less than a carton of cigarettes, they were also much healthier for her and better for the environment. She was sold!

A little more research led her to Cotto’s Revenge eJuice products. There, she learned that not only could she save money, time and energy by purchasing on line, but she could even choose her favorite flavors! Yes, this was going to be her new passion. She was excited. It reminded her of the day she traded her “flip phone” for a “smart phone”. This was the new age. This was what she’d been waiting for!

She made some notes, spoke to some friends and read a blog on line just to be sure she was making the right decision. Turns out, everyone was trading in their cigarettes for vapors! Where had she been? How did she not know about Vapors before now?

Thinking of her taste buds and realizing that she could now choose more than just lights, 100’s or mint flavors was comparable to a kid in a candy store who’d never tasted chocolate. Oooh, chocolate…now there’s a flavor to inhale on a daily basis! There was also Cotto’s famous Bourbon Custard. The taste of rich Kentucky bourbon, vanilla custard, almonds and coconut. Cotto’s eJuice is even aged in an oak barrel! It was an electric dessert! She couldn’t wait to place her order!

She eagerly raced home the next day. There it was, a box full of Cottos Revenge eJuice products sitting on her front porch. She jumped out of her car and tore into the box. A few minutes later, she experienced what she thought Heaven must be like. Pure, sensual, exotic flavor in a bottle and it was hers. All hers. No more boring cigarettes with the same flavor. No more wasting time, energy and money going to the store every day to purchase a new pack. Now she knew why this was the new rage.

She inhaled the vapors one last time before she picked up her laptop. “Dear Facebook Friends, I have discovered the most amazing eJuice ever….”


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